Managing DSP Metrics

Delivery and performance information can come from multiple sources—for example, you could receive delivery data from both the Basis DSP and from DoubleClick.

Note: If you’re using multiple sources to track your impressions, each impression could be counted twice ("double counted") in Analytics view and reporting

When you use an ad server with DSP line items, you can choose which metrics you want to track and retrieve for the campaign. Select the sources for specific metrics by line item, improving the accuracy of your billing and performance information.

Basis Platform automatically modifies the performance and billing reports based on the metrics you enable and disable.

To Select which Metrics to View

  1. Open your campaign and choose Analytics mode
  2. Click Manage delivery to open the Manage Metrics side panel.

  3. Choose a delivery provider from the list.
  4. Enable and disable the metrics as needed, and click Save.


    Disabled metrics are not visible on the Analytics mode page.
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