Creating a Retargeting Tactic

To create a retargeting tactic, you create an audience list of users who will be retargeted by placing an audience pixel on your website. Once your list of users has grown, you can begin targeting them with your tactics.

1: Create an audience and place an audience tag on your website or page.

On the Pixels screen, select First-party audiences to see the audience pixels. Click Create first-party audience pixel and set up your pixel.

On the Get Tags screen, get the code for your audience pixel. See Create First-Party Audience Pixel for details.

Place the pixel code into the HTML of the webpage from where you want to retarget users. The code should (ideally) be placed after the content, right before the closing body tag.

2: Create the tactic.

Once you have created an audience and users have been added to it, you can create your retargeting tactic. For best results we recommend waiting until you have at least 1,000 users in your list(s).

To enable audience targeting, create or edit a tactic and open Audience Targeting. Add the audience(s) you created earlier, and click Save All.

On the Exchange page, you can optionally specify to restrict your tactic to only certain ad exchanges or a domain list. Under normal circumstances we recommend that you choose All Exchanges.

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