Finding Platform Deals

In the Private Marketplace screen, you can use the search tool and filters to find the platform deals that are best for your tactics.

Viewing Current Platform Deals

  1. Click Private Marketplace in the main menu.
  2. Filter for platform deals. Under Filter Results, select Platform Deals.


Platform deals are also available when you set up your PMP tactics.

Searching for Current Platform Deals

You can search for deal names, IDs, publisher names, and exchanges.

In this example, searching for "hous" returns deals with "Houston" and "Housewarming" in the deal name, as well as deals from publishers whose names include the word "House."

Filtering Deals

You can filter the list by selecting exchanges, verticals, auctions, minimum and maximum prices, and archived or expired deals.

Each time you change a filter, you can see the number of matching deals:


Select the exchange or exchanges you want to work with. You can select multiple exchanges at once, and you'll see deals that match any of your selected exchanges in the list.


You can deselect exchanges by clicking them a second time.


Select verticals if you want to find deals that apply only to certain verticals. All verticals correspond to the IAB taxonomy.


If verticals are listed, the deal can be used for impressions in these verticals as well as uncategorized impressions.


Enter a number of Auctions to find deals that had at least that many auctions yesterday.


Price Range

To search for deals in a certain price range, enter a Min Price, a Max Price, or both and click Apply.


Archived and Expired Deals

By default, archived and expired deals are hidden on the Private Marketplace page. If you want to view them, check Show archived and expired deals.

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