When you set up a tactic that supports video ads, you can specify how the video will play.

How It Works

When an exchange offers a bid request for a video impression, the request include details about how the winning video will play. Your tactic only bids on the impressions that match the video options you choose.


Setting Video Options

Here's what each of the options means:

Role Position

Where will the ad play, compared to the requested video content? In-stream roll positions are defined in the IAB Video Advertising Glossary.

  • Pre-Roll ads play before the requested video content.
  • Mid-Roll ads play while the requested video content.
  • Post-Roll ads play after the requested video content.
  • Selecting Unknown lets your tactic bid on impressions that don't specify a roll position.

Player Size

Should the tactic bid on impressions with a small player size (width under 310 px or height under 174 px)? Should the tactic bid on impressions that don't specify a player size?

Skippable Ads

Should the viewer be allowed to skip the ad after watching the first few seconds? For example, if an in-stream impression is non-skippable, the viewer must watch the entire ad before starting or returning to the requested content.

Many exchanges do not yet indicate skippability—if you don't select unkown, the available inventory can be significantly decreased.

Playback Method

When and how can the video start playing? Auto-play ads play the video ad automatically, with or without sound. Other ads might require a click or mouseover to begin playing.

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