Create a Group

  1. On the Line Item, click Add group.

  2. Give the group a descriptive Group Name.

  3. Set the group's initial Status:

    A group can be online or offline:

    • OnlineTactics in the group can go live, if their statuses are also set to Online. Tactics in the group can start spending immediately after you create the group.

      When a group's status is Online, the group's start date and end date as well as the tactic-level settings (status and flight dates) also apply, so if you've chosen a date range in the future, the tactics in the group will not be eligible to spend until that time.

    • Offline: All tactics in the group are paused. They can't start spending until the status is switched to Online.
  4. Choose a Start Date and an End Date. You must choose both.
    • If you set the start date to today, tactics in the group can begin delivering impressions immediately, as long as their start dates are set to today as well.
    • The end date can be as far in the future as you like.
  5. Optional: Select a Budget and budget type: A group's daily or all-time budget sets a limit that applies to all tactics in the group combined. The minimum group budget is USD $25.

    Group budgets are optional. If you don't define a budget, tactic-level budgets control all spending for tactics in the group. See Budget for details.

  6. Optional: Select group Pacing, if you want to use it. See Tactic and Group Pacing for details.

  7. Click Create.


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