Adjusting Delivery and Spend Data (Manual)

During a live campaign under the analytics mode, Basis Platform allows modifying the delivery and spend values for line items based on the contracted amount. You manually adjust the Metric, Dates, and Delivery Source. Adjusting a metric affects the net and gross totals in the Analytics mode. The history along with the delivery and spend adjustments are available by line item.

You have the capability of selecting dates within the billing period or in the past. The default date is today. Basis Platform calculates the results from the New field. The new value calculates to the projected spend in the campaign analytics. The adjustment may affect the performance values and billable spend. Basis Platform applies the adjustment on the plan page and delivery downloads. The adjustment includes voiding the delivery or spend on a line item by date (current or previous day).

The adjustments created within the current billing period appears in the download reports. (Adjustments after the billing period is closed appear in the download reports and history.) The manual adjustments improve the accuracy of the ad delivery and payment information.

Dynamic delivery adjustment affects the gross spend based on ad serving. The line item caps to the gross spend at the contracted value. (To increase the contracted value, initiate a revised media plan.) The net spend (media) is not capped. Adjusting the fixed delivery affects the net and gross billable value. Modifying the gross media value affects the Billing gross spend. It does not affect the media spend (net) or the ad serving cost.

Spend adjustment of a dynamic line item affects the billable net and gross values. Adjusting the net media field affects the Billing net (media) and gross spends. Adjusting the gross media value affects the Billing gross spend. It does not affect the media spend (net). 

Note: Ad server and third party source adjustments are automatically updated within the last seven days. The quantities adjust per the discrepancies.

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