Campaign Analytics - Delivery Sources

Basis Platform supports tracking of performance metrics for campaigns at the line item level in the analytics mode. This tracking improves the campaign management, optimization, and billing. The metrics are available by delivery sources. A delivery includes the following sources:

  • Ad tag
  • Tracking pixel
  • Third party services

The media plan page displays the mapped delivery data and source name at the line item level by ad sizes. The mapped data displays the delivery and cost metrics by line item and ad size. Agency users with access to Delivery Source Management configures the delivery and mapping.

After client approval, you link or upload the delivery from the third party services, import the data, and map to the line item. The delivery data includes campaigns with dynamic rates. Third party services include Facebook and AdWords are available for direct link and import of the delivery data to Basis Platform. Non-integrated third party services require manual upload and import of the delivery sources to Basis Platform.

The metrics from a delivery source appears by line item Description, Delivery, Performance, and Billing. The Details expand displaying the results by name and ad size. The results include by flight.

The live tracking and results include the Delivery imps and clicks along with the Performance and CTR. You have the option to create adjustments for delivery and costs. When delivery is uploaded outside of the current billing period, you adjust the cost. When delivery data is not uploaded, you also create an adjustment. When the uploaded delivery is outside of the billing period, Basis Platform detects it as a adjustment. The billing report reflects the adjustments.

When mapping the same delivery source to multiple line items, Basis Platform recommends to manage the metrics under Map Delivery. The Manage Metrics options prevents double counts of metrics that impacts performance and billing. Refer to Manage Metrics for details.

When mapping the same delivery source to multiple line items with overlapping flights, the data is counted twice. Mapping the delivery source to multiple line items may cause double counts of metrics. When mapping dynamic pricing, Basis Platform recommends to map a single line item to avoid duplicate counting.

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