Live Campaign Analytics

Basis Platform provides an analytics tool after proposal approval and live campaign. After a client approves a campaign media plan, you have the delivery tracking ability. Delivery is available when the campaign starts via Basis Platform. During a live campaign, you follow the delivery and performance of the campaign. Basis Platform allows you to create adjustments on the campaign data.

The analytics mode page is available after client approval. You select from the Analytics drop menu on the campaign overview page. In analytics mode, the default displays the View: Gross information. The page displays the approved line item highlighting the Contract: gross rate, Actual, and Billing fields. The add-ons section displays the details along with the Billing fields. Selecting from Gross to Net also highlights the data differences.

Mode: Analytics, View: Gross Example


During a live campaign, you receive performance data and applicable alerts. You review the data in the analytics mode. Analytics provides a tool to review the campaign performance in the following sections:

Mode:  Analytics

  • View (option button)
  • Gross
  • Net
  • Date Range (icon)


  • Focus On/Off filters (enable)
  • Details
  • Dates
  • Contract
  • Performance
  • Delivery
  • Actual
  • Billing


  • Metrics (enable)
  • Conversions
  • Interaction
  • Video
  • Viewability

The default Gross view provides the performance and delivery. Refer to the Review a Campaign for more tips. After reviewing the line items, you can Create a Revision to improve campaign performance and Adjust delivery and billing.

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