Insertion Order (IO) Creation

An Insertion Order (IO) is a contract summarizing the approved line items and billing information along with the terms and conditions. As an agency user with Client Approvals and IOs permissions, you create an IO for vendor acceptance. As you create an IO, Basis Platform automatically populates fields from the media plan.

A media plan summarizes the line items. After negotiating with a vendor and agree on a proposal, you approve the plan and create an IO on the media plan page. The Manage Approvals under the Actions button is available for status review.

Basis Platform requires line item fields in validating and approving a media plan. The Client Approval listing displays an Approved label of the plan. Basis Platform automatically creates a new version (Ver. #) of the approved plan.

Sending an IO includes the following items:

IO Message




Enable auto-generated


Drop menu selection auto-generated

Ordered Amount


Message Body

Free-form entry

IO Summary Auto-generated brand, campaign, ID, and Billing Information
Special Terms Free-form entry
Attach a file Directory selection
Respond by date at time and AM or PM Free-form entry and PM selection

IO Message


Contract Preview

  • Vendor
  • Instructions
  • Campaign Details
  • Billing Information
  • Payment Information
  • Line items
  • Terms and Conditions

IO Preview


You select the contact recipients and enter a message to the vendor. Confirm or select the applicable recipients.

You also request a response date and time. The IAB Standard Terms & Conditions are available in the system as attachments. Unique terms including addenda are also available options. Including an attachment is an available option.

Note: When your agency user with permissions configures a Terms and Conditions with a specific vendor in Basis Platform, a copy is available to you as a selection.

Clicking the Send IOs button issues the IO to the recipients. The Basis Platform sends the message to the vendors, saves the IO, and provides a details view. The details are also available for printing purposes. When you send the message, the recipient contacts do not view other vendors' IO information. When a vendor has multiple properties, they receive a single IO. The IO includes identical line items sent to all properties. The units, rates, and costs are subtotal across the line items under the same property.

Note: Only an agency user with Agency Management permissions has access to the Billing Information.

The campaign overview displays the version and approved status under the media plan name.

The media plan page displays the campaign status of an as approved. The Send button displays the enabled IO. (Refer to the Manage Approvals to approve a media plan and Send an IO to a vendor.)

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