Client and Brand Overview

In Basis Platform, the client is key in planning, analysis, and specifying the billing for media plan services. Basis Platform allows the client to represent several brands. The client is responsible for direct payment or for on behalf of another organization. Basis Platform bills the client for the campaigns. The brand is an entity or organization of products or services and represents the company. The brand is the organization buying the inventory space and advertising the campaign.

The Client and Brand Name are requirements in approving a media plan. The Agency Settings tab lists the Client and Brand Name along with the Verticals. The campaign verticals are based on the Google marketing categories.

Agency Settings - Client/Brands Tab



With clients representing multiple brands, the User Access provides campaign permissions to specific account team members. Basis Platform provides the list of available agency contacts for selection. By default, the agency contacts view all clients. Contacts with permissions have access to the campaign, reporting, and account team assignment. When the agency contacts are removed from a campaign, they no longer have access to the campaigns or listed as an account team member. A message appears if they attempt to access the previous campaigns.

Agency Settings - Client Information Page


Contacts with Agency Management permissions create new clients and brands under Agency Settings. Basis Platform requires the client name along with billing address and contact information. The client record information is available when you generate a client and brand download report by campaign.

Agency Management Permissions Example:

Client Name*: 123 Media

Brand Name*: Whole Foods Market

Vertical: Food & Drink


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