Rate Types

The rate is the cost measurement based on the number of impressions, clicks, views, and actions and frequency. The rate is fixed or dynamic.

In fixed pricing, the rate is a set amount. A single row follows the budget based on cost or impressions or clicks.

In dynamic pricing, the rate is variable and negotiated. Multiple line items follow a shared budget across the campaigns. The budget is spent based on the line item performance. The total impressions and clicks are initial estimates.

The cost per unit (impression, click, views, or action) is displayed in the Basis Platform media plan page. You configure the Units and Rate and Basis Platform calculates the Costs.

Campaign Media Plan - Units, Rates, and Costs


Basis Platform supports multiple rate types under Units. The "clicks per" rate type value impacts the calculation for SOV% (Share of Voice) along with the gain/loss, net, and ad server Costs. The flat and AV (added value) rate types impact the calculation for the SOV%. The dynamic rate type starts with an estimate impressions and clicks in calculating the costs. The campaign performance impacts the calculated costs.

Campaign Media Plan - Units Rate Type


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