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The Edit By modes allow you the option to plan a campaign line item by cost, units, or rates. In the cost mode, you plan around the campaign budget (gross) in Costs and Rates column. In the units mode, you plan around the rate type quantity in the Units column. In the rates mode, you plan around the gross rate when it is less than the net cost in the Rates column. Basis Platform auto calculates (read-only icon) the remaining fields.

When you add a new line item, the default edit mode is cost. Select the Edit mode and enter the applicable fields based on your campaign goals. You also have the option of switching between modes. You select the Units mode based on the rate type and quantity. You select the Costs mode based on the budget goals. You select the Rates mode based on the gross rate. When you select the cost mode, the unit fields are locked. The cost fields lock when you select the units mode. Basis Platform saves the latest mode.

With the default cost mode, modifying changes gross cost affects the rate type quantity. The dynamic rate type in cost mode supports entering estimated imps and clicks to calculate the gross cost. The flat rate plans in respect of gross cost. In the added value rate, you plan in the units mode by entering the number of imps.

The ad serving fees affect the auto calculations in Basis Platform. The ad serving rate affects the calculations for the estimated units. When you apply ad serving rates, the cost applies to the gross rate. The cost mode calculations decrease the number of units. To keep the number of units and the ad serving fees, you decrease the margin rate. Basis Platform auto calculates the ad serving based on the gross costs. You can modify the Est Qty in the ad serving field providing the estimated gross costs.

Line Item Edit Mode


You modify in the Edit By mode and save. The Costs or Units mode provides recommended planning based on the rate type.

Note: Refer to the line item information for more details on calculations and rounding rules.

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