Actions: Manage Ad Serving

The buyer (agency contact) applies ad serving during planning under the Actions button. The Manage Ad Serving side panel appears.

Actions – Manage: Ad Serving Examples



The Manage Ad Serving side panel lists the ad server and tag types. Basis Platform automatically fills the ad sizes and line item description from the media plan. The tag type defaults to Ad Tag. A video tag type defaults to VAST Ad Tag.

Manage Ad Serving Panel



Ad serving selection (drop menu)

None (default)

Tag Type selection

Ad Tag (default)

Name/description of pixel by ad tag

Tracking Pixel

Name/description of pixel by ad size

VAST Ad Tag (Video Ad Serving Template)

Name/description of the ad tag

VAST Tracking (Sizmek only)

Name/description of pixel

Apply to line item(button)

Implemented ad server on the line item

Apply to all


Implemented ad server on all line items of the media plan

Note: A VAST ad tag does not have an ad size. A video with a tracking pixel has a 1x1 size.

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