Actions: Manage Approvals

The buyer (agency contact) sends a proposal to the vendor for approval. During planning, status and updates are on the media plan page. Under the Actions button, a buyer views the status under Manage: Approvals. The Approvals side panel appears.

Actions – Manage: Approvals Examples




The Approvals side panel lists the Client Approval and Vendor IOs status. When multiple versions occur, you view the most recent approvals and IOs at the top of the list. (Refer to the status and options from the Approvals side panel.)

Clicking on the property and the tooltip displays the name. Clicking on the Show Errors launches the media plan. The errors appear with the alert icon in the field.

Client Approval – Unapproved and Show Errors Examples




Proposed media plans are available under Client Approval. Clicking on the Approve plan link launches the Approve Plan page.

Client Approval – Approving Media Plan Example


The Vendor IOs section displays the version and status of the plan. Clicking on the contract or IO displays the summary details. Based on the vendor payee information, the IO is optional or required. A required IO displays the Send vendor IOs link. An optional IO displays the Proceed without an IO button.

Clicking Send vendor IOs launches the IO Summary for preview and submittal to the vendor. Clicking the Proceed without an IO confirms and accepts the media plan. The vendor receives a campaign confirmation.

The Expand icon displays an Approval History with a version index.

Client Approval – Expand Icon and History Examples



The Vendor IOs section displays the campaign media plans status.

Client Approval – Vendor IOs Status Examples



Click Close collapses the side panel to view the media plan page.

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