Sending an RFP

The Request for Proposal (RFP) invites vendors on a campaign by sending the proposed campaign goals and objectives. Basis Platform captures, organizes, and communicates the RFP information. Account team members and vendor users receive notifications of the RFP, proposal information, and status.

In Basis Platform, the buyers (agency contacts) and vendors create the proposed line item details. The line items include the Format, Platform, and Ad Size(s) along with associated costs. 

You create the RFP and send the same message by multi-selecting the vendor user contacts. For a custom message, you send a separate RFP. The vendor user receives the message in their own email or through the Basis Platform messages center. Vendor users receiving an email invite to create a Basis Platform account to review and respond with the agency contacts. 

The vendor user signs in and reviews the RFP details. The vendors respond with proposed line items. They modify or create line items on a separate proposal. The line items include the vendor’s Properties along with the Target, Details, Dates, Units, Rates, and Costs. The vendor users submits the new proposal back to the agency contact with the information along with applicable attachments.

An agency contact with Planning permissions sends the RFP requiring the contact and collaborator recipients. Basis Platform auto-populates the RFP Overview from the Campaign Details.

RFP Message Submittal


RFP Required Fields

Vendor/Property (enable)

Contacts/Collaborators (enable)

Plans (enable)

RFP Overview

Start date (auto-populated)

End date (auto-populated)

RFP Optional Fields

Budget (free-form entry)

Message Body (free-form entry)

RFP Overview

Client (enable)

Brand (enable)

Vertical(s) (enable)

Objective/KPI/Goal (enable)

Format (drop menu)

Platform (drop menu)

Ad Size(s) (drop menu)

Attach file (button)
Respond by date and time


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