Messages - Adding Collaborators

An agency or vendor user adds vendor contacts to a campaign in the media plan page through the Messages center. You click the Messages icon. Within an existing media plan, the Messages center displays the available Collaborators by name. The Add link is also an option. Clicking the link allows you to directly add contacts without a proposal or going to the Directory. The added Collaborator views the existing proposals sent to the vendor.

Basis Platform informs the vendor contact in the activity and notification feeds. The contact name also appears as Collaborators. In sending a message, the name is available under the Messages for Mail to, proposals, and IO contact along with under the Contacts tab on a Vendor page.




1 Click the Messages icon.

The messages appear.

2 Click the Add link under the vendor Collaborators section. The Select Contact page appears.
3 Click the Add icon of existing Contact(s). The confirmation message appears.
4 Select the Add button. The Contact appears under the Collaborators
5 Click the Add a new contact button, if applicable. The Add New Contact page appears.
6 Enter the contact email address in the field. The Create new button is enabled.
7 Enter the contact fields. Refer to the Create a Contact information.
8 Select Save. The contact appears under the Collaborators.

Collaborators - Add Link








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