Basis Platform supports the billing periods and reports for your agency. The Billing tab provides report details for your accounts receivable and payable teams. Basis Platform creates reports based on your billing periods.

As an agency contact with Billing Management & Reporting permission, you have the ability to manually generate reports for your agency as needed. When you generate the report, they are available selections under the Download Reports. The generated reports are sorted by the Reporting period and grouped by Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. You download the selected reporting period and type.

Agency Settings -  Billing Tab


The reports are in a .csv format or .zip files. When you download more than one report, the files are in a .zip file. (The .zip files contain multiple .csv files.)

Basis Platform configures billing periods starting on the first day. The billing period ends on the last day of the of the calendar month. Billing reports contains the amounts due payable on the current period. Basis Platform supports corrections for prior billing periods by calculating the change and appears in the new reports.

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