User Settings Overview

The User Settings tab provides the Profile information of a contact. Basis Platform stores the information in a directory. The required User fields include the following:

Contact Information

  • Name
  • First
  • Last
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Extension

The employee details are optional. You enter the information in the New User fields. When you enable the sales role visibility, the sales person information appears in the reports.

Employee Details

  • Region
  • Divisions
  • Location
  • Sales role visible status (check box)

Note: As an agency contact, you are unable to modify your unique email address or employee details.

An agency contact with enabled User Management permissions assigns access to account team members. The specified permissions allows the contact access and actions in Basis Platform.

The Ad Server and Third Party Accounts tab displays the associated advertisement computer server and profiles.

User Settings – Profile Tab



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