Create an Audience Pixel

  1. On the Pixels screen, select My Audience to see the audience pixels.


  2. Click Create an audience.

  3. Enter a Pixel Name.


  4. Click Create and continue. The DSP saves your audience pixel.


To get the pixel tag right away:

  1. On the Get Tags screen, choose a Tag Type:



    Provides a script that fires the pixel when the user views the page. 

    The script tag uses JavaScript to add the user to the audience as well as perform additional functions that ensure maximum scale for campaigns targeting the audience. Script tags also automatically use HTTP or HTTPS as required for the page they are placed on. See What do script tags do? for more information.


    HTML Image:

    Provides an image tag (sized 0 pixels by 0 pixels--users will not see an image) that fires the pixel when the user views the page.

    The HTML image option adds the user to an audience by firing an image pixel on the page it is placed on. This option should only be used if the script version cannot be used. This option might be applicable when using certain tag managers that only support image pixels, or if a client has concerns about additional user sync pixels being loaded.

  2. Copy the Tag Code. Select and copy the code in the text box or click Copy to clipboard.



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