Uploading Videos

Video File Requirements

Ad Sizes

  • Minimum height of 144px
  • In one of these ratios: 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, 5:2

Supported File Types

  • MP4 only

Maximum File Size

  • Up to 100 MB.

Maximum Resolution

  • Up to 2048x1080. Avoid uploading UHD (4K) video or higher resolution.

Maximum Length

  • Up to 60 seconds

If you're uploading video files, you only need to upload a single copyfor each video. Upload a high-quality version, and the system automatically creates copies for different video codecs, dimensions, and bitrate so that the ad can be served successfully in all cases.

For example, if you have a video that will be shown on impressions that range in size from 1280x720 to 640x360, just upload the best-quality version you have (that meets the requirements in our ad specifications):

See Ad Specifications for file size and type requirements.

To Upload a Video File

  1. On the Creative panel, click Add creative.
  2. Click Video.
  3. Set up your creative in the Create Ad dialog.

Ad Name

The name of the creative. It's best to use a name that you'll be able to recognize when you have many creatives in the DSP.

Destination URL

The landing page, which the ad clicks through to. This URL often points to an intermediate tacking server, which in turn sends the user to the landing page.

Impression Tracking URL

If you are using a third party impression tracker, you can input the URL used to track impressions for the ad. Even if you leave this field blank, the DSP will automatically track impressions for you. Third-party impression trackers allow you to track impressions in another platform. For example, your client may require an independent count of impressions by their own tracking software.

Add VAST tracking URLs


VAST tracking URLS are called when a particular event happens. For example, the creative calls the Video Start URL when the video starts playing and calls the First Quartile URL whe 25% of the video has played.

  1. Click Add tracking URL.
  2. Select the Event Type.
  3. Type the Tracking URL. Include the full URL: https://sample.org

Attach a file

Select the video file you are uploading.

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