Uploading Ad Tags

An ad tag is a piece of HTML code that shows a creative, generally using a third-party ad server.

Uploading One Ad Tag

On the Creative panel, click Add creative.

Set up your creative on the Create Ad tab.

Ad Name

The name of the creative. It's best to use a name that you'll be able to recognize when you have many creatives in the DSP.


The dimensions of the ad. Choose one set of dimensions from the list.

Expanding Direction

Appears only if you chose Expandable Ad Tag.

Choose one direction from the list.

MRAID Version

Appears only if you chose MRAID Ad Tag.

Mobile Rich media Ad Interface Definition (MRAID) is an IAB-approved standard for interactive media on mobile apps. Choose one MRAID version from the list.

Tag Code

HTML code that shows the ad, generally using a third-party ad server. You might receive the code from an agency or generate it yourself using a tool provided by the ad server.

SSL Status

If the tag is SSL (https://), select Secure. If not, select Not Secure.

Declare Vendor

Some exchanges require vendor declarations for certain vendors.

Select as many vendors as you need. If you don't see your vendor on the list, you don't need to declare it.

Uploading a Set of Ad Tags

You can upload ad tag files exported from these popular vendors:

  • MediaMind: TXT files
  • DoubleClick: TXT and XLS files



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