Location targeting controls where your tactic appears. Set up location targeting rules, and your tactic bids on impressions that match your rules.

By default, tactics target the entire United States.

Location can be selected at the country, region (state/province), and city level. Multiple locations can be targeted simultaneously. In Canada and the US, you can also specify ZIP/ postal code. DMA codes are also available for US metropolitan areas.

Targeting By Country, Region, City, or DMA

Click the + next to a geographic location or DMA code (US only) to add it to the targeted locations list. Your tactic will target any of the locations on the list.

To exclude a location or DMA, select Exclude after you've added the location to the targeted locations list.


Targeting By Postal Code

Enter a list of ZIP codes or postal codes, separated by commas and click Target or Exclude.

Location Targeting Rules

When you target multiple locations or codes, the tactic bids on impressions from any of these locations. For example, this tactic targets impressions in Alaska or Hawaii:

This tactic targets impressions from any state in the US except Alaska, as well as impressions from Anchorage, Alaska (the only impressions not targeted are from Alaska outside of Anchorage):

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