Create a Tactic

Every tactic must have a name, default bid, and budget before you can save it.

  1. On the Line Item, select a group . If you need to create a group for your tactic, see Create a Group.

  2. Click Add tactic.
  3. Give the tactic a descriptive Tactic Name.

  4. Adjust the tactic's Default Bid, the amount that the tactic can spend on 1,000 impressions.
  5. Select a Budget and budget type: A tactic's daily or all-time budget sets a limit on the amount that the tactic can spend. The minimum group budget is USD $25. Group budgets set additional limits on the tactics in a group. See Budget for details.

  6. Set your tactic's other targeting, inventory, and settings options, listed below, as needed.

  7. Click Create.


General properties include the tactic name, status, budget and pacing settings, flight dates, day parting, frequency cap, and Inventory types. See General Properties for details.


Targeting rules give you control over where your tactic appears and who will see it. Set up targeting rules, and your tactic bids on impressions that match your rules.


Location targeting controls the geographic boundaries for where your tactic appears by choosing countries, regions, cities, DMA codes and postal codes where your tactic should and should not appear.


Device targeting lets you deliver to desktops, phones, or tablets, or specific browsers.


Audience targeting reaches pre-built audiences, either built with your own audience pixels or provided by third-party data providers.


Contextual targeting allows advertisers to only place their ads on pages that meet their topical criteria.


When you set up a tactic that supports video ads, you can specify how the video will play.


Hyperlocal options let you target (and exclude) viewers based on their exact location, using GPS coordinates.



Based on the optimization rules that you define, the DSP makes decisions on your behalf.


On the Exchange page, you choose the exchanges you want the tactic to use.


Domain lists store domain names and apps that are exclusively targeted (whitelisted) or blocked (blacklisted) in your tactics. See Domain for details.

Private Marketplace

The Private Marketplace gives you greater access to inventory from premium publishers.

Brand Protection

Brand_Protection keeps your tactic from appearing on pages that contain certain types of content.



Choose the creatives that will be used by the tactic.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion pixels let you track the success of your tactic by reporting back when the user completes an action on your website after arriving through an advertisement. Manage conversion pixels for your tactic with Conversion Tracking .

Tactic Summary

This page shows a summary of all the settings applied to the tactic.

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