Copy a Group

When you copy and paste a group, you create a new group that contains copies of all tactics in the original group.

The copied group is set offline. You can edit the group to set it online.

The default group name is "Copy of Original Group Name". You can change this name after you paste the group.

Each copied tactic is named "Copy of campaign#number Original Tactic Name" by default. You can edit these names in the tactic General properties.

By default, all of the original group's tactics are copied to the new group, except archived tactics.

The initial status is offline for all copied tactics. Edit the tactic to set it online.

To Copy and Paste a Group

  1. In line item View mode of a live media plan, click the copy icon next to the group you want to copy. Your group's details are copied to the clipboard.


  2. Scroll to another line item and click Paste groups.

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