Edit Group

To edit an existing group, click the group edit icon next to the group name.


In the Edit Group page, make your changes: 

Group Name

The name of the group.


A group can be online or offline:

  • OnlineTactics in the group can go live, if their statuses are also set to Online. Tactics in the group can start spending immediately after you create the group.

    When a group's status is Online, the group's start date and end date as well as the tactic-level settings (status and flight dates) also apply, so if you've chosen a date range in the future, the tactics in the group will not be eligible to spend until that time.

  • Offline: All tactics in the group are paused. They can't start spending until the status is switched to Online.


A group's daily or all-time budget sets a limit that applies to all tactics in the group combined. The minimum group budget is USD $25.

Group budgets are optional. If you don't define a budget, tactic-level budgets control all spending for tactics in the group. See Budget for details.

Start Date and End Date

Tactics can deliver impressions starting on the start date and continuing through the end date. You must choose both.

If you set the start date to today, tactics in the group can begin delivering impressions immediately, as long as the tactics' start dates are set to today as well.

Tactics can deliver impressions on the end date, until 11:59:59 PM.

The end date can be as far in the future as you like.


Enables group-level pacing. See Tactic and Group Pacing for details.

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