Map to a Line Item

As an agency contact you map a delivery source to a line item in the Map delivery panel. After selecting the line item, you click the Map delivery button. The available delivery sources appear. You map to a single or multiple line items by clicking the Add icon next to the delivery source. The Search... field is also available to find the delivery source by name. The Link icon displays the mapped delivery to the line item. (You click the Link icon to unmap the delivery source.) After mapping, the delivery source info is available under each line item by ad size. The included performance metrics are aggregated at the line item level. The media plan page displays the subtotal for the properties and grand totals for the plan.

You unmap the delivery source to a line item in the analytics mode or in the Map Delivery side panel. You click the Link icon to unmap the delivery source. The Link changes to the Remove icon. (Hovering the cursor over the Link icon over the delivery source also displays the Remove icon.) The delivery source is no longer visible in the line item in the analytics mode. The delivery source appears in the Map Delivery panel as unmapped.

Note: The delivery source appears when it is mapped to multiple line items.

A delivery source is available to map to multiple line items. When the mapped delivery refers to the billing period, an adjustment occurs. The next billing report displays the difference and reflect the new totals.

Note: Previous manual adjustments on the delivery source are saved.

Mapping Delivery Sources to Line Items



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