Linking Map Delivery (Integrated Third Party)

Facebook and AdWords accounts integrate directly with their delivery sources to Basis Platform. You select the third party account, choose the campaigns, and import the delivery source. The delivery source information appears in the Map Delivery page by the name of the third party, client or ad account, and campaign name. After linking the delivery source, Basis Platform retrieves the delivery data.

Note: The received delivery from Facebook and AdWords are at the campaign level.

Campaign Analytics - Map Delivery Button


Campaign Analytics - Map Delivery Panel: Link Sources


Basis Platform supports the integrated delivery sources by assigning the Facebook/Instagram and AdWords campaigns to line items. Basis Platform automatically retrieves the spend and delivery data every hour for Facebook and Instagram. The AdWords refreshes the spend and delivery data every morning.

You manage the accounts in the Third Party Accounts tab under User Settings. The map delivery is under the campaign analytics mode.

Link Delivery

  1. Select the Map delivery button. The Map Delivery panel appears including the search capability by names, properties/platforms, and ad sizes.


  2. Select Link sources. The Select Delivery Source page appears.


  3. Select the delivery source link. The ad accounts appear.



  4. Select (or Filter) the Account. The Select Campaign page appears.



  5. Select (or Filter) the campaign.



  6. Click the Import button. The Map Delivery panel displays the linked campaigns.
  7. Select the line item in the media plan page. The delivery data appears under the line item description.
  8. Select the delivery data in the Map Delivery panel to unmap the source. The Link icon changes to Add.


  9. Click Close. The subtotals and totals update.

When an agency user's credentials become invalid, the account is not connected. You reconnect the account with the authenticated credentials. The delivery data resumes. When an agency user's Facebook/AdWords credentials are not available from the account drop menu, select Add a new account from the Facebook account page. Create and authenticate the new account.

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