Map Delivery Side Panel

In the analytics mode, the Map Delivery side panel appears for linking, uploading, and mapping sources to a line item. The tracking and visibility of the delivery sources is also available under Manage Metrics. The Map delivery button appears on the campaign page. The list of sources displays in alphabetical order.

The ad serving delivery source information is also available. The exported ad server delivery source is previously mapped. The Map Delivery panel does not allow unmapping or re-mapping of a line item.

Campaign Analytics - Map Delivery Button


The Link sources, Upload delivery, Search field, Link (icon) and Add (icon) delivery source options are available. For integrated third party services, Facebook and AdWords, you select Link sources. For manual entry of the delivery data (dynamic and non-integrated third party), you select Upload delivery. The agency contact links or uploads the delivery source to the current period.

The Search field provides a filter and find options. The filter displays by quantity of the mapped sources along with finding the delivery source by entering the keyword. The search includes the name, property, platform, or ad size. The Link and Add icons provide the mapping (or unmapping) of a delivery source to a line item.

You unmap the delivery source to a line item in the analytics mode or in the Map Delivery side panel. You click the Link icon to unmap the delivery source. The Link changes to the Remove icon. (Hovering the cursor over the Link icon over the delivery source also displays the Remove icon.) The delivery source is no longer visible in the line item in the analytics mode. The delivery source appears in the Map Delivery panel as unmapped.

Note: The delivery source appears when it is mapped to multiple line items.

Campaign Analytics - Map Delivery Panel Options

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