Send an IO for Acceptance




1 Click the Actions button.

The drop menu appears.

2 Select Approvals. The Approvals page appears.
3 Click the Send vendor IOs link from the Approvals panel. The IO Summary page appears.
Click the Send button. The drop menu appears.
3a Select IO. The IO Summary message page appears.
  Note: The Send vendor IOs link and Send->IO drop menu is disabled based on the available permissions and options.
4 Enable the Vendor(s). N/A
5 Select the Contacts recipients from the drop menu. The Preview IOs (qty) button enables.
6 Enter text in the Message Body. N/A
7 Attach a file, if applicable. N/A
8 Select the Terms and Conditions from the drop menu. N/A
9 Enter text in the Special Terms (optional). N/A
10 Enter the Respond by: date and time PM or AM. N/A
11 Click Preview IOs button. The Vendor and Preview page appears.
12 Review the page by scrolling through the page. N/A
13 Click Send IOs. A confirmation message appears. N/A

Client Approval – Viewing Contract and IO/Sending to a Vendor



The IO Pending badge appears with the plan. The Approvals page displays pending under the Vendor IO section.

Sending an IO Page


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