Client Approval Overview

Client approval occurs when the client agrees with the media plan created by the agency user. The agency user achieves the client approval external from Basis Platform. (This event is also known as a media buy authorization.) After the client authorizes the media plan, the agency user manually manages the approvals in Basis Platform. The approved media plan is final and completes the negotiations stage of the campaign. Changes by the users requires a revision to the media plan.

Insertion Orders

Note: For DSP line items, client approval does not require an IO.

An approved media plan defaults to sending an IO. A vendor requiring an IO receives it as pending for acceptance from the agency user. When the proposal is not approved, the vendor user receives a notification the campaign is archived. A vendor requiring an IO accepts the campaign by the due date. When the IO is not accepted by the due date, the campaign is at risk for going live and providing proper payment.

A vendor with the optional IO configuration, does not require an insertion order contract for acceptance. The vendor does not receive an IO, and the agency user proceeds without the IO. The vendor user receives campaign confirmation. The plan has the Accepted status.

Basis Platform allows the storage and version control of the proposals and media plans between the buyer and vendor. A summary of the instructions, campaign details, billing and payment information, line items, and terms and conditions are available in the media plan page. The approved media plans and pending IOs are available for viewing and printing.

Approved Media Plan


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