Create an Initiative

The Basis Platform initiative is the first step of the campaign. The initiative configures the client, brand, budget, and duration of the campaign. The client and brand name are requirements in approving a media plan. You have the option of leaving the client and brand blank when creating an initiative. By client approval, Basis Platform requires the brand and client are specified and do not change.




1 Login to the Dashboard.

A list of Initiatives and Campaign appear.

2 Click the New initiative button. The New Initiative page appears.
3 Enter the Initiative name*. N/A
4 Select the Client from the drop menu. The selected name appears.
5 Select the Brand from the drop menu. The selected name appears. The associated Vertical(s) appear.
6 Enter the Target Budget*. The value appears.
7 Enter the Start Date*. The date (mm/dd/yy) appears.
8 Enter the End Date*. The date (mm/dd/yy) appears.
9 Click the Create button. The Initiative page appears.

The Initiative and appears on a plan-level page by name. The Campaign name, budget, duration, and details appear along with an untitled media plan.

New Initiative Page


Clicking the Create campaign button and Create new selection launches the Details page to enter the Campaign Name.

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