KPI Type and Impact Table

Key Performance Indicator Impact

KPI Name


Objective Impact

Brand Lift

Quantity (#)

Measures the consumer's attitude, purchase intent, and preference

Increases the brand image toward a target audience

Cost per Action (CPA)

Dollar ($)

Measures the price of advertising based on the action

Indicates the conversions from the placements

Cost per Click (CPC)

Dollar ($)

Tracks the number of clicks with the budget

More clicks means improved traffic and lower CPC

Higher the cost units increases the CPC

Cost per Call (CPC)

Dollar ($)

Measures the price or cost of a phone call

Cost per Download (CPD)

Dollar ($)

Measures price or cost of the downloaded content

Cost per Engagement (CPE)

Dollar ($)

Participates consumer interest (i.e. Image or video)

Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

Dollar ($)

Calculates the number of clicks within a budget

Attracts more consumers with high CPM and lower cost rate

Cost per Install (CPI)

Dollar ($)

Price or cost of the content installation

Cost per Lead (CPL)

Dollar ($)

Online action and long campaign required in correlating with a consumer visit by tracking and monitoring data

Cost per Completed View (CPCV)

Dollar ($)

Measures value or price of the transmitted content


Percentage (%)

Optimizes conversions by considering volume over efficiency

Campaign variables

  • Length
  • Frequency

Click-through Rate (CTR)

Percentage (%)

Indicates interest but most basic performance (Consider other choices for the campaign (i.e. fraud), does not automatic increase sales or integrate with pixel placement and budget) by percentage

Integrates with call-to-action for mobile consumers. Improves the number of full downloads using pixel placement or action button.

Click-only Conversions

Percentage (%)

Measures the ad click count

Integrates with CTR

Creates baseline of the initial ad click

Integrates click KPIs (clicks, click-only conversions, click-only rate, CTR)

Note:  Click-only conversion is more effective in combination of other KPIs


Quantity (#)

Reports volume or number of impressions per the target goal

Gross Rating Point (GRP)

Percentage (%)

GRP=Reach X Frequency

Total volume of delivery to the target audience

Reach is the total number of individual engagements (Percentage %).

Frequency is the number of engagements in the target market.

In-Store Uplift

Percentage (%)

Requires preliminary data

Associates an online ad to foot traffic (May be difficult in meeting the client's goals.)

Pay per Call (PPC)

Dollar ($)

Price paid per phone call


Quantity (#)

Tracks the number of unique visitors

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Dollar ($)

Provides ratio of revenue generated to the amount spent on advertising


Percentage (%)

Increases the viewable impressions or rate of a buy and word-to-mouth potentially improves the number of unique visitors

Improves Reach

Indicates the Brand Awareness with consumers viewing advertisement and remembers it

In-Target Impression

Percentage (%)

Tracks the number of viewable impression per total count

Rates may vary if the impressions are viewed

View-through Traffic

Percentage (%)

Tracks the number of visitors for drive site by placing the pixel on a landing page and measuring the number of visitors on the site (Does not indicate the number of clicks)

Note: Placing a second conversion pixel is not allowed since the two objectives are different

Video Completions

Dollar ($)

Watches the entire ad based on the volume and rate

CPM buys:  Optimizes toward completion rate

CPCV buys:  Specifies a goal volume of completions

Integrates with Engagement

Interaction Time


Minutes (#)

Tracks the length of time on an interaction

Interaction Rate

Percentage (%)

Calculates the percentage of the number of impressions during a specific time


Quantity (#)

Tracks number of expanded or engaged impressions

Expansion Rate

Percentage (%)

Calculates the percentage of the number of frequency of expandable banners


Quantity (#)

Tracks the number of panel expansions (expandable banners) including user and auto-initiated

Dwell Rate

Percentage (%)

Calculates the percentage of the number of ad visit divided by the number of served impressions

Dwell Time


Minutes (#)

Tracks the length (engagement) of time on an impression

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