Campaign Objectives and KPIs

When adding a new campaign, the buyer (agency contact) configures the advertising Objectives. The Objective creates the campaign goal with selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Basis Platform displays suggested KPIs based on the Objective. (Basis Platform allows up to three Objectives per campaign plan.)

Initiative Index - New Campaign Button


Campaign Details




Create New

The agency contact creates new campaign under Create campaign. You enter the fields and create the campaign directing you to a new media plan.

The contact also has the option of copying an existing campaign including the media plan. After modifying and saving the campaign, the copied media plan is available for modification. The copy creates a new campaign. Copying an existing streamlines the process when the campaigns are similar or identical.

Create a New Campaign



1 Login to the Dashboard.

A list of Initiatives and Campaign appear.

2 Select the Initiative.
3 Click Create campaign. A drop menu appears.
4 Select Create new. The New Campaign page appears.

Enter the fields under Campaign Details:

Campaign Name*


Target Budget*

Start Date*

End Date*


Advantage Users only:

Enter Advantage codes in the fields:

Division ID

Product ID

Sales Class ID

6 Enter a description in the Notes fields.
7 Click the Next button. The Objectives tab appears.
8 Select an Objective* from the drop menu. The Objective, KPI, and Goals are mandatory fields.
9 Select the KPI* from the drop menu. N/A
10 Enter the Goal* up to two decimal places. The metric appears. (e.g. $)
11 Click the Add another objective link, if applicable. N/A
12 Click Next. The Account Team appears.
13 Select members from the Account Team drop menu. The member name appears.
14 Click Create. N/A

The new Campaign loads under the Initiative and appears by name. The Campaign name, budget, duration, and details appear along with an untitled media plan.


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