Receiving and Modifying a Proposal

An agency contact views the latest Proposal from the vendor. The triangle icon displays the field values of the line items in the proposal.

Hovering over the icon displays the previous field values. Changes in line item are color coded:

Green = ADDED

Orange = EDITED


Note: When a Proposal is unselected (Select a proposal… shows in the field.), the your previous proposal appears. The View and Edit Mode also displays your previous proposal. After you merge or save the line item fields, the mode displays the latest proposal.

When modifying a proposal update, you select Edit or Proposals Mode. You select Edit to change the line item fields and click Save. Under Proposals, the drop menu field appears along with the View Differences and Merge links. You select a Proposal, edit the line item fields, and merge the change

The proposal updates continue until all parties agree on the media plan. Upon agreement, the agency contact creates an approved media plan and contract.

Example: Proposal ($58.8k) - 1:26pm on Aug 17


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