RFP Submittal and Response Requirements

An RFP requires campaign specifics for sending and responding for the agency and the vendor. The Basis Platform RFP page guides you through the message with the required fields.

Agency Setup Requirements

  • Agency contact (with Planning permissions) on an account team
  • Initiative
  • Campaign → Media Plan
  • Property → Vendor contact (Collaborator recipient)

RFP and Message Requirements

  • Vendor (enable)
  • Contact (drop menu and enable)
  • Plans (drop menu and enable)
  • RFP Overview section (auto-populated)
  • Campaign Name (read-only)
  • Start/End dates (auto-populated)

Basis Platform supports sending an RFP without line item details. You select None from the Plans drop menu.

The other RFP fields are optional. You select or enter the information as needed.

Note: A property may be sold under multiple vendors. Basis Platform restricts you from adding the property multiple times. You only add the property to the plan under a single vendor.

Initial Message (via Basis Platform) from the Agency Contact to the Vendor



The vendor contact responds to an RFP in Basis Platform in the media plan page. 

RFP Email (via Basis Platform) from the Agency Contact to the Vendor


The vendor submits a proposal to the agency contact with the line item suggestions.  When the vendor sends a proposal, the message page appears. The requirement is selecting a Proposal from the drop menu. 

Basis Platform Message from the Agency Contact to the Vendor


Vendor Response to a Proposal Requirements to the Agency

  • Recipient (drop menu and enable)
  • Proposal (drop menu and enable)

Note: The vendor recipient is established with the property. They are requirements previously configured in Basis Platform.

The Message Body and Attach file are optional for the vendor.

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