Campaign Media Planning

Campaign planning starts with the line items of a media plan. Basis Platform support creating, editing, and revising campaign goals and objectives. You plan your campaign starting with the format type, dates, units, rates, and costs in the Platform's media plan. Basis Platform stores and creates versions of the modified media plans. The live campaign provides the accepted goals along with the monitoring of performance, delivery, efficiency, and budget.

Basis Platform provides a planning tool in creating the line items for your campaign. The media plan is labeled by the title name. Basis Platform stores and creates versions of the modified media plans.

The Direct media plan page provides research, negotiation, and proposals between the buyer (agency contact) and the vendor. The RFP launches the negotiation process. After a buyer initiates an RFP to a vendor, the vendor response creates and modifies line items for the campaign. Buyers (agency contacts) and vendors communicate via the Basis Platform system through RFPs, messages, proposals, and IOs to meet the campaign objectives and goals. A campaign allows multiple plans with various options. (E.g. differing budgets) The media plan continues modifications throughout the negotiation process until the buyer and vendor agree on the line items.

Agency buyers (contacts) archive campaign in the planning stage, if necessary. Vendors also view archived campaigns when their proposals are not approved. An archived campaign is available for viewing only. The communications of the archived campaign is available in the messages center. The campaign status changes to archived. The buyers (account team members) and vendors also see the event in the Notifications and Activity feeds. You view archived campaigns on the Dashboard page by enabling the filter. The agency buyer also has the option to unarchive a campaign. The event information also appears in the Notifications and Activity of the account team members and vendor collaborators.

The DSP media plan page provides programmatic buying with real-time bidding (RTB). The vendors sell the ad inventory through the exchange platform by impression-by-impression by availability. The buyer and vendor dynamically adjust their bids based on the market.

The media plan page provides the flexibility to plan, build, and optimize the targeted advertising campaigns in real-time. You access all channels, formats, and device types. The agency searches, filters, and forecasts the available sites with RTB.

Note: Basis Platform displays the vendors and properties in alphabetical order. The line items under the property are by start date.

Direct Media Plan Page Example



Direct Media Plan - Edit Mode


Media Plan Page (Add-ons)

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